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Boat Regatta

Somerset Pool Cardboard Boat Regatta Rules


1. Cardboard, duct tape, packing tape, rope, or string.

2. Cardboard tubes are permitted but cannot use wood or plastic to cap the ends.




1. Only the items listed above may be used to build boats. Cardboard tubes are permitted but cannot have wood used to cap the ends. No pre-treated or waxed cardboard is permitted.

2. Design is the builder’s choice. Make your boat look like a race car, flying saucer, dragon, etc. Let your imagination reign supreme.


3. Only permanent markers can be used to decorate your boat. Use of paint, stickers, etc. will result in disqualification.


4. No wrapping in tape, however, tape may be used to reinforce the bottom of your boat.


5. You must provide your own oar and paddle may only be used to propel the boat. Oars may be made of any material. Rafts or flat boats which use legs for propulsion are not allowed.


6. All boats must be built ahead of time and pass inspection prior to racing.


7. When a boat is finished with the race, the owner must remove the boat and any leftover cardboard debris from the water area and dispose of it at the designated trash area.


8. Participants are not allowed to sabotage anyone else’s boat. Any rough housing in the water will lead to disqualification.


9. All participants must be wearing a bathing suit.


10. Judges’ decisions are final.


1. Speed Boat Award for the individual who completes the course in the fastest amount of time.


2. Titanic Award for the most spectacular sinking.


3. Design Star Award for the best design and theme.

Download rules here.

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